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It's the educator-focused day of the Comic Conference for Educators and Librarians (CCEL)! Below is the current schedule of today's programs.

10:00 am, Using Graphic Novels to Help Cope with Bullying—Dr. Katie Monnin (education director, Pop Culture Classroom), Raina Telgemeier (Smile), Molly Ostertag (The Witch Boy), Christina "Steenz" Stewart (Archival Quality), and Derek Heid (English/drama teacher, Temecula Valley High School) discuss the fact that, despite nerd culture being at the forefront of the modern zeitgeist, many young lovers of science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and other fandoms often feel isolated in their school community. This can lead to bullying of these quiet and unique children on the basis of their interests or appearance. How can the Comic-Con community help to alleviate the pressure and pain associated with bullying? These artists and educators will explore which comics not just represent bullying but offer solace and solutions to kids who are actively dealing with it. Moderated by Tom Racine (Tall Tale Radio). 

11:00 am, Roaring into Adulthood: Young Adult and Middle-Grade Comics in the Classroom and Beyond—Lion Forge believes in publishing comic books for every reader at every age with stories to reflect the world at large. Middle-grade and young adult fiction are the two fastest-growing categories in bookstores around the world, and the company's Caracal and Roar imprints offer countless comic book tales in every genre for children, teens, and adults alike. The company offers a look at some of the current and upcoming titles under this banner of books, as well as the newly minted imprint for middle grade, and offers librarians and educators expert advice on how to incorporate these books into schools, libraries, and living rooms. Lion Forge director of education outreach and collections Jill Gerber, editor-in-chief Andrea Colvin, writer Samuel Sattin, artist Yehudi Mercado, and others, have a look at upcoming titles across the company's school-aged imprints and how comics can be used as tools for education as well as entertainment. 

12:00 pm, The Power of Story: Graphic Novels and Technology Inspiring Young Readers—STEM educators, students, and public librarians discuss how innovative technologies such as 3D design and animation bring graphic literature and the reading experience to life. Featuring Amy Pitotti (EdTech educator, DAB Lake Elsinore), Lisa Harrison (STEM educator, RMMS, Vista), Nichole Santangelo (STEAM specialist, RMMS, Vista), Andrew Hudson (educator, RMMS, Vista), Lisa Ferneau-Haynes (senior librarian, youth services, Oceanside Public Library), Beth Duncan (STEM specialist, RMMS, Vista), Bryan Pitotti (graphic design specialist/cinematography), and Joanna Murray (EdTech educator, RMMS Vista). 

1:00 pm, A Crash Course on European Comics for Educators and Librarians—As more and more European material enters the U.S., a panel of American and European creators and publishers will discuss the specificities of European comics and what they have to offer to librarians and educators. With Mike Kennedy (Lion Forge), Zerocalcare (Kobane Calling), Whitney Leopard (BOOM! Studios), Efa (Monet) and Michele Foschini (BAO Publishing, Italy). Moderated by Karen Green (Columbia University Library). 

2:00 pm, Adapting Folklore, History, and Myth in Comics—Creators who have adapted myths, legends, fairytales, and American folklore for the graphic medium discuss how comics are continuing age-old traditions of mythologizing the human experience. Topics will also include how the comics medium can work as a tool for educators looking for primary and supplementary material to teach these and related subjects. Speakers are Johnnie Christmas (Firebug, Angel Catbird), Marco Finnegan (Crossroad Blues), John Jennings (I Am Alfonso Jones, Kindred: A Graphic Novel Adaptation), and Kit Seaton (Afar, Norroway). Moderated by Dr. Katie Monnin (author at Pop Culture Classroom). 

3:00 pm, Teaching Fables and Myths with Graphic Novels—Bring fairy tales, fables, folktales, legends, and myths into your classroom using graphic novel adaptations that bring these tales to life. Panelists will discuss how creators' imaginative retellings build depth and complexity in the interplay between text and image and how these stories can be successfully taught in the classroom. Featuring creators Jenni Holm (Babymouse) and Alexis Fajardo (Kid Beowulf), educators Erin Hill (language arts teacher, Ramona High School) and Cori McDonald (librarian, Ramona High School), moderator Tracy Edmunds (Graphic Novels Are Elementary), and surprise panelists.

4:00 pm, Comics for Impact and Social Good—Find out how comics can make a difference by depicting persons with disabilities in a different light, raising funds for charitable causes, providing a tribute for victims of hate crimes, and fighting for international human rights in a presentation with panelists Geoff Gerber (president of Lion Forge), Kelley Allen (director of books at Humble Bundle), Sarah Gaydos (co-editor of Love Is Love), and Josh Elder (executive director of Reading with Pictures), moderated by Russell Shilling (senior innovation fellow at Digital Promise).

5:00 pm, Teaching Graphic Novels Across the Curriculum—Dr. Katie Monnin (education director, Pop Culture Classroom), Tracy Edmunds, M.A., Ed. (Graphic Novels Are Elementary), Erin Hill (language arts teacher, Ramona High School), Derek Heid (English/drama teacher, Temecula Valley High School), Scott Westerfeld (Spill Zone, Impostors), and Aron Steinke (Mr. Wolf's Class) explore a number of approaches and blended models for comics in the classroom by connecting these texts and lessons across subject matter areas (math/science/history/English/business, etc.). Pulling input from both educators and creators, the panel will discuss which titles work well across curricular lines, how educators can collaborate to make them effective learning and teaching tools, and how creators can tailor their works to find audiences that span multiple areas of interest for readers. Moderated by Adam Kullberg (education program manager, Pop Culture Classroom). 

This is part of the 3rd annual Comic Conference for Educators and Librarians! Comic-Con International and San Diego Public Library have teamed up once again for this FREE five-day conference, which takes place during Comic-Con from July 18 - 22 at the Central Library. Through presentations and panel discussions, CCEL explores the role comics play in promoting education, engagement, and literacy for all ages. Library professionals and educators are invited to learn creative and exciting ways to incorporate comics and graphic novels into their work.

CCEL is free to attend, but space is limited and registration is required for each day. Comic-Con badge-holders with valid single same-day or four-day badges are welcome to attend and are not required to register.