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Spirit of India

Ahaana (Inner Light) presents a compilation of dances from India which includes both classical and folk forms. Historically Indian Classical dances and music were considered a ritual revered as auspicious services to the gods and goddesses. During the Mughal era the dances became associated with concubines and the British just sent them underground calling them moral outrage. Indian Independence in 1947 marked the revival of Indian art forms and has restaged these dances  everywhere to bring beauty and art to the world through devotion and sentiment, highlighted with movement and sentiment. The folk dance aspect talks of stories like love, romance, and celebration. It lacks structure and form but is very lyrical and happy. 

This concert series was created to expand the opportunity for talented area musicians to perform in public. Many of the performers are also music educators and will enhance the  programs by offering insights into the music, the composers and the performers.