Elite SDVOB NETWORK- Edge Class

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This is not a library sponsored event.

Description of Event

This course will teach you the basics of contract formation and provide foundations of contract language to help you better understand the contracts process. Whether you are in business for yourself, work as an employee or making a personal purchase, at some point you will have to sign a contract. You need to have a foundational understanding of how contracts are formed and where you fit into the process on either side of the table, whether you are the one offering or you are signing a contract to agree to be bound by its terms. • Understand the contract basics and feel more confident about your contracts and agreements • Know the difference between a contract and an agreement • Learn the 6 elements of contract formation • Experience offer, acceptance, counteroffer and rejection of offer • How to ask for consideration in contractual situations Have a foundational understanding of the basic terminology and language in contracts. Know what makes a contract voidable and how offer and acceptance works in contract formation. • Any personnel that deals with contacts and needs to have a working knowledge and foundation of basic contract terminology