King Tides, Rising Sea Levels and the Waters of the Famosa Slough

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Join us for a discussion of the future of the Famosa Slough.

What’s a King Tide? These highest yearly tides will occur on the mornings of January 2nd and 3rd

  • at 8:08 am and 8:55 am at the San Diego River entrance to the Slough and
  • up to 2 hours later in the Slough itself. Come see for yourself.

What causes Kling Tides? What do they mean for our future, as sea levels rise?

What will happen to the neighborhood as oceans rise with global climate change?
How long will it take?

How do the tides usually affect water in the Slough?
What to they mean for fish, crustaceans, birds and plants?

How have the King Tides affected the whole coastline of San Diego? See marvelous photos – meet the photographer in charge! – from previous years’ highest tides?

Fascinating information you’ll get nowhere else.

Discussion by:

Paul Jacob, Civil Engineer with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department, with 20 years experience protecting us from the Pacific Ocean.

Leland Foerster, master photographer, former associate professor at UCSD, who assembled the team of photographers who took the King Tide photographs in the library lobby for San Diego Audubon Society and California Coastal Commission.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Famosa Slough.