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The Jolla World Tea Enthusiasts is a club run by people who love high quality teas, rare teas, exotic teas and teas from around the world. Here, you will not find any instant hot and tea bags. You will find high grade tea prepared with the care, love, and attention that each cup of tea deserves. We seek not to simply “enjoy” tea. We want to fully experience  the tea itself and all the history behind each tea. We want to be fully present with all of our senses and be in the moment of each sip.  We seek the ceremonial, meditative, calming, majesty of each different tea we try, and each week the teas change.  We want to share our passion and love with others and learn from them too. For this reason, the openness of this club is what makes it truly special. Each person that sits at the table we gather around contributes something and everyone leaves having learned something and made a wonderful memory regardless of whether you are a serious tea drinker or a novice to tea. Being present for each individual who arrives and having a warm cup of tea for them to share among a group of friendly people willing to discuss whatever topics arise, is what makes this club special. If you enjoy rare, exotic, high grade and expensive teas and love talking about tea with others or simply want to enjoy a cup of a tea you have never tasted before, our club uses tea to bring people together.

At La Jolla World Tea Enthusiasts, we are serious about tea without taking ourselves too seriously. Here you will find a warm cup of tea to drink, friendly people, and a rich tapestry of memories of knowledge present within each meeting.

Sponsored by: Zi Chun Tea Company - Specialty Tea Importer, direct from tea garden to your door