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Continuing a three year (and ongoing) workshop, Poetic Legacy now has a workshop for people in another part of town:  Poetic Legacy II at the new Mission Hills Branch Library.  Coordinated by published poets Pat Andrus and Christopher R, each workshop focuses on one poet, including the reading of several poems by participants (remember that poetry was originally meant to be heard).  After this round robin of reading and listening to various poems of the selected poet, everyone has 15-20 minutes to quietly write their own pieces of writing, inspired by a title, line, or just from soaking in the words heard and read.  Finally, anyone who wishes to share any or all of his or her writing, is encouraged to do so.  In April, participants will look at and listen to poems by Richard Blanco, poet invited to read at Barack Obama’s 2nd. Inauguration’s ceremony.  In May we will read works by Linda Pastan.  As a final reminder, and note of encouragement: although we read and engage with poetry, one may write in any genre during the free write period.  Who knows if one line from a Sylvia Plath poem might not in fact be a seed for your own short story, autobiographical piece or memoir, or simply a page for your daily journal.