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J. Dianne Dotson Signs Ephemeris: The Questrison Saga: Book Two You are invited to attend this free event, where Dianne will perform a reading from her latest novel, Ephemeris: The Questrison Saga: Book Two, sequel to Heliopause. From Ephemeris: Visions of doom. A growing evil. A new hero emerges as old alliances unravel. Plucked from space and raised in a star-city of androids, impetuous Galla-Deia looks human but is not. Chosen to stop the dual threats of a galactic natural disaster and a malevolent alien entity, she must grow as a commander and gain the trust of both humans and non-humans alike. Unknown to her, the entity draws zealots to its cause, destabilizing interstellar order, and threatening all life in the galaxy. Dianne will be on hand to speak about the book, answer questions, and will have books available to purchase and sign.