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What if we could vaporize writer’s block and rejection fears?  Have fun creating back stories?  Know our characters’ greatest desires and hidden fears?  Write dialog so natural readers think we overheard it, yet so memorable they can’t forget it?  We can—playing “Literary Games,” whether we’re starting new projects or perfecting masterpieces. At our May 21st meeting, Margaret Harmon will lead us in three new Literary Games, using the power of PLAY to crash through fears, blocks, and procrastination while building writing technique. 
A game begins with playful tools given to the group.  Each player privately “plays” a response.  Then (usually all) players choose to read their game results to the group.  Some games have the group guess what the writer is revealing. All games are individual and non-competitive, like Solitaire; we win by playing. 
Bring a stiff pad of paper and fast pens or a laptop or tablet because we’ll be writing on our laps.  Wear comfy clothes.