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Do you own a short-term rental property (AirBnb / HomeAway / VRBO), or are you looking to convert a long-term rental into a money making business? We love networking with people throughout California that are taking advantage of new laws in order to maximize their rental income and property value! Even if you're new to the idea of a short-term rental, stop in and get all of your questions answered. Want to get 3x (three times) the monthly rental income that you would from a typical leased single-family home? Want to double your property value by adding an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to your property, and using it as additional income? These are 2 of the topics that we will be discussing at the MeetUp. Did you know that there is financing available for AirBnb Rental properties? Did you know that AirBnb Rental Property is being Sold for almost double the value of a house in the same neighborhood - want to find out how? What's the difference between a "Granny Flat" and an Accessory Dwelling Unit? Did you know that there are architects, designers, and real estate professionals that specialize in finding the ideal AirBnb properties for investors? (and selling those properties at a premium!) Stop in, hang out, and enjoy networking with like-minded real estate investors and entrepreneurs. We meet around 5:30pm, relax and enjoy networking until around 6pm and then discuss everything for about an hour - lots of Q&A. Mark your calendar, and we looking forward to meeting you!