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Program Type: Library NExT
Allowed Grades: 6th Grade to 8th Grade
Registration for this event has closed.

The Quest for Space Heat Starter Kit provides you an opportunity to explore the science of heating and cooling by building and programming three different experiments in radiation, convection, and conduction. You will build and customize the hardware for each experiment using heating bulbs and resistors, temperature sensors, various mounts, wires and screws. After the mechanical assembly, you will spend time programming and customizing in the Arduino environment and C programming language to your experiment and collect data automatically. Finally, you will run your experiment configuration on the ISS and analyze the data to determine how different types of heat transfer affect heating and cooling behavior in microgravity.

Space is limited, advance registration is required.


Registration Policy and Procedures:


·        I understand students should arrive promptly for class and stay for the full duration of the class.

·        I understand this class is part of a partnership with UCSD. These classes differ from our regular programs in that they offer more of a structured, in-depth, and hands-on learning environment.

·        I understand I am responsible for arranging transport with/for my student(s) promptly at the start and end of the class.

·        I understand students should treat each other with respect; failure to do so could result in being dropped from the class.

·        I understand that a break will be included in the program and students are encouraged to bring water and a snack.


By registering for the class, I agree and understand the restrictions, policies, and procedures outlined above.