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Program Type: Educational

Join in a Solar Eclipse family-friendly viewing party outside the library and receive your very own pair of Solar Viewing Glasses (while supplies last and weather permitting). San Diego will experience a partial eclipse with maximum coverage (about 58%) at 10:23 AM, that will last about 2 minutes.

In the children’s area, we will also be showing a live-stream program from a team of astronomers from San Diego who will be broadcasting from Madras, Oregon, one of the prime viewing locations of the fully-eclipsed sun.  The broadcast will feature hosts, live commentary and the highlight will be the stunning live eclipse imagery from four telescopes.

Come experience an awesome celestial phenomena and enjoy a front row seat to what is sure to be an "out of this world" event!  For more information:

Warning: Never look at the sun without special eye protection. When viewing the eclipse, use eclipse glasses at all times when any part of the Sun is still visible. Direct viewing of the Sun can cause permanent damage if the proper precautions are not taken. Adequate eye protection specifically designed for viewing the Sun is essential and should be worn so that no harmful rays from the Sun can reach the eye.