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“You may not be able to change the world but you can
change somebody's world.”
In other words: Don't expect or depend on a bureaucratic agency,
institution, or organization to create immediate changes that we
would all like to see. We all must make simple contributions to
achieve desired and timely results.
46 years ago I started a career in Correctional Education trying to
eliminate the need for Prisons. That did not happen. Instead we
got afflicted with both Mass Incarceration and the “Prison
Industrial Complex”. (Afflict: to cause suffering or unhappiness; to
distress greatly)
After retiring from the correctional system I was compelled to
write my book as a tool for ordinary individuals like us to use
against both of those afflictions.
Please join me and learn how you can play a modest part, as a
Micro-Project, in the movement to End Mass Incarceration and
Dismantle the Prison Industrial Complex. A Micro-Project: It's not
looking for a large effort from a small number of people, it's
looking for a small effort from a large number of people.
We can do this, now! “You be the change you want to see.”