Coineers Coin Club Meeting

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This is not a library sponsored event.

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> Meeting to start @ 6 o'clock<

President: Wayne Joy; Vice President: Richard Tritz; Treas: Andrew Woodruff;

Club Website:

Club Info: 858-699-8743


August Theme: COLORFUCOINS. 

    Colored coins can be natural, or artificially colored. Natural color may take the form of a rainbow tone while some coins are deliberately toned, rendering a bright, virtually tie died multicolor rainbow appearance. Other colored coins are those that have been hand painted, adding color to the otherwise metallic devices. There are also coins colored by the manufacturing mint, thus they were colored from the start. Many of these colored coin creations are increasingly popular as mints continue to experiment with different sorts of striking techniques and the applications of colored enamels to appeal to their collector clientele. More than ever, mints around the world are creating coins especially for collectors that aren’t meant for circulation, but intended from the start to be a novelty and a desirable inclusion in someone’s collection. We’re looking for any and all of your charismatic coins of a different color.

     In July we welcomed back Dick Zins after a long hiatus and new members Philip and Ingrid. We also welcomed three juniors: Jayden, Massimo and Angelo.  It’s literally been decades since we had three juniors attending at a single meeting. It’s good to see the younger generation expressing an interest in the hobby, especially in these modern times when coins are less frequently used in daily commerce owing to the proliferation of debit and credit card usage for even the most minor of daily transactions. Moreover, modern coins just don’t buy what they used to when we were younger. How many kids these days receiving an allowance actually get coins?

     Last month our local Coinarama looked like a success. Sunday was typically slow, but Saturday reflected the realities of the pent up demand for a coin show as there was no less than a packed crowd on the bourse floor.  We’ll learn this month from Richard whether once the dust settled if there was a profit or not from the event.  Our next local show on the horizon will be the Heartland Coin Club’s Show on October 29th at the Guardian Angel’s Church in Santee. In the mean time, just up north, barely under 100 miles away, the West Coast’s premier big event in the hobby will take place September 29- October 1 at the Long Beach Convention Center in the old round hall behind the main concourse. 

    As always, our thanks go to Debby for supplying us with tasty treats, and to Andrew Carmen for providing that good quality coffee to help wash the treats down and keep us awake for the ride home.  We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting of the Coineers Coin Club, Tuesday August 9th at 6 o’clock.